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Scientific Sanitation Solutions (SSS) is a ‘humanitarian focused’ company. We are dedicated in designing new and disruptive products that improves the lives of rural communities globally.

We provide superior water purification products to Human Care organisations, who are diligently saving lives globally.

Our main goal is to keep on striving to improve the quality of lives of all people, in particular our future: children.

SSS believe in a greener and safer world. We also continuously strive to make our current products even more environmentally friendly.

Our Expertise

Our Research & Development team ensures that our technology is highly effective in the purification of water and in disinfecting.

We collaborate with the best minds in the medical and science sector, to ensure that our life saving formulas are safe for human consumption and eco-friendly.

We take a great amount of pride in what we do

We run our own race, and our only competition is to be better today than we were yesterday. Our distinctive difference is that we applaud any competitor and product that saves the lives of people.

The focus is not only on selling our non-toxic products, but on building trusted relationships with our highly valued clients. Our clients become our family.


  • To continuously advance the technology of our water purifier and surface disinfectants.
  • To reach each and every person globally, who doesn’t have access to safe drinking water with our ‘Sani-Amanzi’ point-of-use product.
  • Be active with NGOs and NPOs’, governments and private sector in offering solutions to eliminate the mortality rate of children due to waterborne infections.


  • To provide preventative solutions in water contamination, thus reducing & wherever possible, eliminating pathogenic infections in humans.

  • To be an active role player together with NGOs and NPOs in the fight for effective improvement of water sanitation for people in rural communities.

  • To design the best non-toxic products in water purification and surface disinfection.