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Scientific Sanitation Solutions Takes the Plunge: A Fundraising Endeavor for Willow Wood Hospice

In a world where corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly integral, companies like Scientific Sanitation Solutions are setting a shining example. With an unyielding commitment to giving back to the community, they are making waves in both charity and innovation. Their upcoming event, the daring bungee jump fundraiser for Willow Wood Hospice, embodies their dedication to making a lasting impact. Let’s delve into this inspiring initiative that unites compassion, innovation, and courage.

A Fearless Leap for a Noble Cause

Scientific Sanitation Solutions has embarked on a mission to raise £1000 in support of Willow Wood Hospice’s vital work. Their strategy involves none other than their very own Sales Director, Neale, who will be taking a literal leap of faith by bungee jumping on 2nd September 2023. This daring act symbolises the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations.

Neale’s plunge into the abyss mirrors the leaps and bounds that Willow Wood Hospice undertakes to ensure patients and their caregivers can spend precious time together. This audacious gesture stands as a beacon of hope for those facing life-limiting illnesses, illuminating the spirit of resilience and determination.

“Taking the bungee jump is more than a thrilling experience – it’s a chance to stand up for something bigger than myself. Through this leap, I’m proud to contribute to Willow Wood Hospice’s incredible work and be a part of Scientific Sanitation Solutions’ commitment to making a real difference.”

Neale Samways, Sales Director, Scientific Sanitation Solutions.

A Two-fold Impact: Fundraising and Innovation

Scientific Sanitation Solutions has added an exciting twist to their fundraising efforts. Upon reaching their £1000 target, the company has pledged to donate 500 litres of their revolutionary SANI-99™ disinfectant to all Willow Wood Hospice sites. This innovative hygiene solution is more than just a product; it’s a commitment to fostering healthier environments.

SANI-99™ is engineered to combat a wide spectrum of pathogens, offering unprecedented protection through its advanced formulation. By donating this groundbreaking solution, the company is not only addressing immediate needs but also contributing to the creation of a safer and healthier atmosphere for patients, families, and healthcare professionals at Willow Wood Hospice.

Joining Hands for a Collective Impact

The heart of this initiative lies in collaboration. Scientific Sanitation Solutions invites everyone to join them in this journey by contributing to their £1000 fundraising goal. The size of the donation doesn’t matter; what matters is the shared determination to create a positive change. Just as the company’s scientific solutions thrive through collaboration, they urge individuals to spread the word about this initiative. Sharing the fundraising page within personal networks can amplify the collective efforts and make a difference that resonates deeply.

A Shared Pledge for a Brighter Future

As Neale prepares to take the daring bungee jump, the collective contributions and the added impact of the SANI-99™ donation are poised to exceed the target. This united effort will champion Willow Wood Hospice’s cause and foster a difference that ripples through the community.

To follow their journey, stay updated on progress, and be part of this inspiring movement, visit

To learn more about Willow Wood Hospice and their essential work, explore their website

Let us unite in shaping a brighter future through innovation, compassion, and a leap of faith. Together, we can drive change that resonates deeply within our hearts and communities.

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