Safeguarding Free-Range
Egg Farming with
SANI-99™ for AGRI

The Chirpy Egg Co is a prominent free-range egg farming operation based in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. It is a part of the Arden family business, which has a long-standing presence in UK agriculture. The Arden family has built a successful enterprise, encompassing various sectors such as arable farming, crop storage, poultry, property, leisure, and renewable energy.​

With a forward-thinking mentality and a passion for innovation, The Chirpy Egg Co has carved a niche for itself in the free-range egg industry. They currently manage approximately 128,000 free-range hens across four sites in Lincolnshire. Their commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible farming practices sets them apart.​

The Chirpy Egg Co produces around 40,000,000 eggs per annum, supplying major supermarket outlets like Morrisons and Tesco’s throughout the United Kingdom. Their dedication to producing high-quality free-range eggs has earned them a strong reputation in the industry.​

Ivory Arden, the farm manager of The Chirpy Egg Co, is actively involved in shaping the future of the farming industry. As a board member of the National Farmers Union (NFU), Ivory Arden provides guidance on cutting-edge bio-security processes, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.​

The Chirpy Egg Co’s success story has made them a primary case study site, demonstrating their implementation of innovative bio-security technologies like SANI-99™ for AGRI. By prioritising bio-security and embracing new technologies, The Chirpy Egg Co remains at the forefront of the industry, showcasing their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

The Challenge

The Chirpy Egg Co, faced several challenges that necessitated the implementation of innovative solutions.

These challenges included: Bio-Security Risks: With the increasing threat of Avian Flu sweeping across the United Kingdom, The Chirpy Egg Co had to address the risk of potential outbreaks among their free-range hens. Avian Flu poses a significant threat to poultry farms, and any outbreak could have severe consequences for the company’s operations, animal welfare, and market reputation.

Industry Regulations and Compliance: As a responsible and forward-thinking company, The Chirpy Egg Co aims to stay in compliance with industry regulations and guidelines related to bio-security measures. Adhering to strict regulations and meeting the highest standards required constant monitoring, adaptation, and implementation of effective strategies.​ Market Demand for Safe and Secure Products: The Chirpy Egg Co supplies major supermarket outlets, such as Morrisons and Tesco’s, which demand high-quality, safe, and secure products. Maintaining their market position and meeting customer expectations necessitates robust bio-security protocols to prevent the introduction and spread of diseases within their free-range hen population.

Environmental Sustainability: The Chirpy Egg Co has a commitment to environmental sustainability, and ensuring bio-security while minimising negative environmental impacts are crucial. They need to find solutions that aligned with their sustainable farming practices and reduce any potential harm to the environment.​

Maintaining Industry Leadership: As a prominent player in the free-range egg industry, The Chirpy Egg Co aims to maintain its industry leadership position. This required embracing cutting-edge bio-security processes, demonstrating their commitment to innovation, and inspiring others within the industry to adopt similar practices.

Implementation & Success

As part of their flock clean-down process, they implemented meticulous cleaning, removal of organic matter, and thorough disinfection of the housing facilities.

​In their pursuit of optimal hygiene standards, The Chirpy Egg Co turned to SANI-99™ for AGRI, a revolutionary disinfectant that has proven to be a game-changer for Ivory and Reuben Arden, and their farm. SANI-99™ for AGRI offered a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications, standing out among other disinfectants on the market.​

The implementation of SANI-99™ for AGRI encompassed various key areas:​

Boot and Wheel Washes: The Chirpy Egg Co established boot and wheel wash stations at entry points to prevent the introduction of contaminants onto the premises. Using SANI-99™ for AGRI in these washes ensured thorough disinfection, minimising the risk of disease transmission.​

Equipment Disinfection: Proper disinfection of equipment, such as tools and machinery, was crucial to prevent cross-contamination. The Chirpy Egg Co employed SANI-99™ for AGRI to disinfect their equipment effectively, reducing the risk of pathogens spreading between different areas of the farm.​

General Cleaning: SANI-99™ for AGRI played a vital role in general cleaning throughout the farm, including cleaning of surfaces, floors, and equipment. Its broad-spectrum efficacy provided comprehensive disinfection, maintaining high hygiene standards across the facility.​

What set SANI-99™ for AGRI apart was its exceptional performance in disinfection while ensuring safety for livestock. The Chirpy Egg Co could confidently use SANI-99™ for AGRI in close proximity to their hens without compromising their health and well-being. The exceptional versatility and efficacy of SANI-99™ for AGRI made it an invaluable tool in maintaining optimal hygiene standards and preventing the spread of diseases among their beloved hens.

Results & Outcomes

The implementation of SANI-99™ for AGRI at The Chirpy Egg Co yielded significant results and outcomes, positively impacting their bio-security protocols and overall farm operations.

The following outcomes were observed:

​Enhanced Bio-Security: SANI-99™ for AGRI played a crucial role in strengthening the bio-security measures at The Chirpy Egg Co. By effectively disinfecting various areas of the farm, including housing facilities, equipment, and entry points, the risk of disease transmission was significantly reduced. This resulted in a more secure environment for the hens and helped safeguard the overall flock health.​

Improved Hygiene Standards: The meticulous cleaning and thorough disinfection carried out using SANI-99™ for AGRI led to improved hygiene standards across the farm. The comprehensive disinfection capabilities of the product ensured that surfaces, equipment, and facilities were effectively sanitised, minimising the presence of harmful pathogens and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Disease Prevention: The Chirpy Egg Co successfully prevented disease outbreaks among their free-range hens by implementing SANI-99™ for AGRI as part of their bio-security protocols. The robust disinfection practices supported by the product’s efficacy helped keep the flock protected from potential diseases, mitigating the risks associated with Avian Flu and other pathogens.​

Market Reputation and Customer Confidence: The successful implementation of SANI-99™ for AGRI contributed to The Chirpy Egg Co’s market reputation and customer confidence. By prioritising bio-security and maintaining high hygiene standards, they demonstrated their commitment to producing safe and high-quality free-range eggs. This positively impacted their relationships with major supermarket outlets and further solidified their position as a trusted supplier.​

Sustainable and Livestock-Friendly Solution: SANI-99™ for AGRI proved to be an environmentally sustainable and livestock-friendly disinfectant. Its eco-friendly formulation and compatibility with livestock allowed The Chirpy Egg Co to maintain their commitment to environmental sustainability while ensuring optimal bio-security. This aligned with their values and enhanced their reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking farming operation.

Overall, the implementation of SANI-99™ for AGRI yielded tangible results and outcomes for The Chirpy Egg Co. The enhanced bio-security measures, improved hygiene standards, disease prevention, positive market reputation, and livestock-friendly approach contributed to the overall success and sustainability of their free-range egg farming operations. By leveraging the power of innovative disinfection solutions like SANI-99™ for AGRI, The Chirpy Egg Co remains at the forefront of the industry, ensuring the health and well-being of their hens and delivering safe and high-quality eggs to their customers.

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