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The Critical Difference Between Log-7 and Log-3 Surface Disinfectants

As an infection control expert at Scientific Sanitation Solutions, we understand the importance of effective disinfection in maintaining a clean and safe environment, especially in the face of contagious diseases like COVID-19. In this article, we will shed light on a crucial aspect of surface disinfection: the Log Reduction rating, and why choosing a Log-7 disinfectant, like SANI-99™, can make all the difference in infection control.

Understanding Log Reduction

Disinfectants are evaluated for their effectiveness through Log Reduction tests. The Log number corresponds to the number of nines in the percentage of pathogens eliminated. For instance:

  • Log 3 reduction = 99.9% reduction
  • Log 4 reduction = 99.99% reduction
  • Log 5 reduction = 99.999% reduction
  • Log 6 reduction = 99.9999% reduction
  • Log 7 reduction = 99.99999% reduction

To put this into perspective, consider a small surface area with an initial contamination of 5,000,000 COVID-19 viruses. A Log 7 reduction effectively leaves zero viruses behind, while a Log 3 reduction leaves approximately 5,000 viruses still present.

Log 7 (99.99999%) vs. Log 3 (99.9%) Log 7 is 10,000 times stronger in pathogen elimination compared to Log 3.

The Importance of Log-7 Disinfectants

Now, let’s delve into the significance of using a Log-7 disinfectant like SANI-99™:

  1. Maximum Pathogen Elimination: SANI-99™ achieves a remarkable 99.99999% pathogen reduction, making it incredibly effective at eliminating contaminants from surfaces.
  2. Enhanced Duration of Action: Unlike some disinfectants that evaporate quickly, SANI-99™ has an extended effect. It remains on surfaces and hands for a prolonged period, providing continuous protection against pathogens.
  3. Rapid Action: According to the EN lab protocol of all European standard EN tests, SANI-99™ is proven to kill pathogenic bacteria in just 10 seconds. For particularly stubborn contaminants, it still achieves excellent results within 5 minutes.
  4. Peace of Mind: Using a Log-7 disinfectant like SANI-99™ offers peace of mind. You can be confident that it not only eliminates a vast majority of pathogens but virtually leaves no infectious agents behind.


In the battle against infectious diseases, surface disinfection plays a critical role. The Log Reduction rating is a powerful indicator of a disinfectant’s effectiveness, and Log-7 disinfectants like SANI-99™ offer unparalleled protection by eliminating 99.99999% of pathogens.

When you choose SANI-99™, you are not only getting a highly effective disinfectant but also a product that remains active on surfaces for an extended period. This means you can trust in its ability to keep your environment safe, whether it’s a healthcare facility, office, or home.

Scientific Sanitation Solutions is committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritize safety and hygiene. Choose Log-7 effectiveness with SANI-99™ to protect what matters most.

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