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Discover the Advantages of SANI-99™ Surface Disinfectant

Choosing the right disinfectant is crucial, considering its purpose, chemical compatibility with surfaces, ease of use, and integration into your cleaning routine. In this article, we will explore the benefits of SANI-99™ surface disinfectant sachets, our hero product that addresses these concerns and more.

In today’s world, consumers and businesses strive to make sustainable choices and reduce their carbon footprint. At SSS, we share this commitment to the environment and offer products that are safe for both you and the planet. Unlike some antibacterial products that contain toxic substances harmful to the environment, humans, and animals, SANI-99™ stands out as an eco-friendly solution.

Recognising the environmental impact of alcohol-based disinfectants and sanitisers, we developed SANI-99™ in a powdered form. With our 1-litre “One bottle for Life,” you can simply mix one 6g sachet with water to create SANI-99™. This unique approach drastically reduces plastic waste and promotes sustainability by eliminating the need for additional bottles. By choosing SANI-99™, you contribute to a cleaner, greener future for your business and the planet.

Apart from its environmental benefits, SANI-99™ also ensures human and food safety, making it an ideal choice across various industries. Whether you require a commercial agricultural disinfectant safe for use around cattle and poultry or a versatile solution for general cleaning, SANI-99™ is the product for you.

Our Hand & Surface Disinfectant Sachets make it convenient to disinfect on the go. While we recommend implementing a comprehensive cleaning regimen communicated regularly to all staff, having safe disinfectant sachets available between deep cleanings is essential. SANI-99™ is designed to be used on all hard surfaces and food areas, being kind to the skin and non-harmful if accidentally touched or swallowed. Even if accidentally sprayed near the eye area, it can be rinsed without causing harm. In short, SANI-99™ prioritises human well-being without compromising effectiveness.

Understanding the science behind disinfection is vital in choosing the right product. Disinfectants kill germs and bacteria on surfaces or objects, reducing the risk of infection spread. SANI-99™ stands out as an efficient, medical-grade disinfectant that goes beyond the norm.

When using SANI-99™, you can achieve a minimum 7-log reduction of 99.99995%, making it the most powerful non-alcohol-based disinfectant in the world. Additionally, SANI-99™ boasts an extended effect, as it doesn’t evaporate quickly, allowing it to remain on surfaces and hands for an extended period. Furthermore, based on the EN lab protocol of all European standard EN tests, SANI-99™ kills pathogenic bacteria in just 10 seconds (or 5 minutes for stubborn contaminants).

SANI-99™ surface disinfectant sachets offer a range of advantages for businesses seeking an eco-friendly, human and food safe, and highly effective disinfectant. By choosing SANI-99™, you make a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste, promote sustainability, and prioritise the well-being of both your employees and the environment. Implementing SANI-99™ into your cleaning routine ensures thorough and efficient disinfection, ultimately contributing to a healthier, safer workspace.

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