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Embracing SANI-99™ for AGRI in the Wake of DEFRA’s Recent Changes

In a world where the safety and health of our livestock, crops, and ultimately our food supply are paramount, the agricultural community is continually adapting to new regulations and standards. The recent announcement by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) regarding changes to the list of approved disinfectants has stirred the sector, leading to a re-evaluation of biosecurity practices on farms across the country.

DEFRA’s recent suspension of several commonly used disinfectants has sent ripples through the agricultural world. The suspended products, once staples in the fight against a range of diseases including bTB and various poultry diseases, no longer meet the stringent criteria set forth by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). This shift underscores the dynamic nature of agricultural biosecurity, where efficacy and environmental impact are paramount.

In response to these changes, SANI-99™ for AGRI emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. This veterinary-grade disinfectant offers a comprehensive 360° bio-security solution, marking the advent of a new era in agricultural disinfection.

But what makes SANI-99™ for AGRI stand out in a market suddenly thirsty for reliable alternatives?

First and foremost, SANI-99™ for AGRI boasts approvals from both DEFRA and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), meeting the highest standards for use in agriculture. This not only ensures compliance with current regulations but also offers peace of mind to farmers navigating the complexities of biosecurity protocols.

With a Log 7 rating of 99.99995% effectiveness, SANI-99™ for AGRI sets a new benchmark for disinfection. Its class-leading efficacy is complemented by a safety profile that is both alcohol-free and chlorine-free, making it a worry-free option for environments with livestock and crops.

In an era where sustainability is not just valued but essential, SANI-99™ for AGRI’s eco-friendly formulation and packaging stand out. The product’s reduced carbon footprint, combined with its powerful yet gentle impact, aligns with the agricultural sector’s growing commitment to environmental stewardship.

“Embracing the changes brought on by DEFRA’s recent updates requires innovative solutions that don’t compromise on safety, efficacy, or our commitment to the environment,” says Victor Adendorff, Managing Director at Scientific Sanitation Solutions. “With SANI-99™ for AGRI, we’re offering the agricultural community not just a product, but a partnership in ensuring the highest standards of biosecurity. It’s our answer to the call for a sustainable, effective disinfectant that meets the challenges of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow.”

The recent DEFRA changes serve as a reminder of the importance of adaptability and vigilance in agricultural practices. As the sector looks for ways to navigate these new challenges, SANI-99™ for AGRI offers a path forward that does not compromise on efficacy, safety, or environmental responsibility.

As we continue to adapt and evolve, SANI-99™ for AGRI stands ready to support the agricultural community, ensuring that our farms remain safe, compliant, and productive. The future of farming is here, and it is brighter, cleaner, and more secure with SANI-99™ for AGRI leading the way.

For further details on DEFRA’s recent changes and how they impact your agricultural practices, click here to read the full article.


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